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PG&E Interconnection Portal

Welcome to the new Rule 21 Online Application Web Portal for electric generators.

It's easy: Submit your application anytime. You will receive a confirmation message that contains your application number.

Please note NEM2 changes:

  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project less than or equal to 1MW will be required to pay an application processing fee of $145.
  • NEM2 projects that are participating in the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program are exempt from the application processing fee.
  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project over 1MW will be required to pay for all interconnection study costs, including an $800 Interconnection Request fee per Rule 21 Section E.2.c.

An invoice will be provided once the application is submitted and reviewed by PG&E.

A PG&E representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.

If you are applying to interconnect a NEW solar or wind generator less than 30 kW, please apply to the Standard NEM online interconnection tool.

Interconnection Portal Guide

PG&E recommends preparing all information and materials before starting the application. If the Interconnection Request is missing information or documents, PG&E will accept the application, but will deem it incomplete and provide a written list of deficiencies to the designated representative provided in your request.

Questions concerning PG&E's Online Application process can be directed to the Electric Generation Interconnection Department at

Rule 21 Distribution Group Study Application Window

In accordance with PG&E's Rule 21 generator interconnection procedures, PG&E will open a Distribution Group Study (DGS) Application Window within the following schedule:

DGS Application Window Schedule
Opening Date Closing Date
DGS Cluster March 01 March 31
September 01 September 31

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