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Welcome to the new Rule 21 Online Application Web Portal for electric generators.

It's easy: Submit your application anytime. You will receive a confirmation message that contains your application number.

IMPORTANT: Several new enhancements have been added to the ACE-IT Interconnection portal:

  1. Simplification: Several screens have been combined or rearranged to co-locate related information
  2. New Functionality to Support Net Energy Metering-Paired Storage (NEM-PS)
  3. Access to Previously-Approved Systems: Applicants making modifications to an existing approved system will now be able to see the system as currently approved by PG&E

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to submit solar + storage configurations, please see review this walkthrough. Note: This resource is primarily designed for solar systems sized 30kW and below (PV CEC-AC) who are paired with storage that is size 10kW and below (inverter nameplate). However, it also includes additional descriptions about the changes that occurred January 2019.

The portal will be coming down for regularly scheduled maintenance starting at 6:00PM Friday September 27th, 2019 and running through 8:00AM Monday September 30th, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Due to the NEM Consumer Protection web portal changes going live this weekend, any applications not submitted prior to September 27th at 6pm will be reset to first page in order to ensure compliance with the NEM Consumer Protection Decision.
Beginning September 30, 2019 , PG&E will be required to collect the following documents for Residential Applicants interconnecting a solar generating facility under Net Energy Metering per CPUC Decision 18-09-044. The changes made to the portal to support the decision can be found here.
1) Dated, customer-initialed and customer-signed pages of the CPUC's Solar Information Packet, and
2) A completed CSLB Solar Energy System Disclosure document. (signed, if and when required by the CSLB), and
3) Signed Solar Installation Contract
For applications with a Solar Installation Contract signed on or before September 29, 2019, PG&E will only collect the customer-signed and dated page of the solar installation contract.
Please note that all documents uploaded through this portal may be audited for compliance by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and/or the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).
*Certain exceptions may apply. Check the CPUC website at for more info.

PLEASE NOTE: PG&E is conducting accelerated safety inspections of electric infrastructure. This includes upgrading and strengthening our electric system in the highest fire-risk areas. To learn more about our ongoing and expanded efforts, visit As a result, interconnection projects requiring design, construction, or inspection through Service Planning may experience delays. Please contact the Electric Grid Interconnection (EGI) lead assigned to your project if you have additional questions.

Customers who were previously taking service on a NEM Tariff (NEM 1 or NEM 2) but were impacted by a Natural or Man-Made Disaster (as defined in the Special Condition 10 of the NEM Tariff) must reapply here. Please review the attached document for a step-by-step guide of how to reapply.

For more information on applicable rooftop solar time-of-use rates, please visit If you are planning to enroll in an EV rate plan, please wait for approval to operate your renewable generator, then apply for an EV rate by logging in at

New Smart Inverter Requirement (February 22, 2019)

SAFETY AND STANDARDS: Generating facilities must meet all applicable safety and performance standards including, but not limited to PG&E Electric & Gas Service Requirements, and local codes and regulations.

SMART INVERTERS: In order to comply with Rule 21, Smart Inverters must have activated the Frequency Watt and Volt Watt modes (Smart Inverter Function 5 and 6, respectively). Applications submitted on or after February 22, 2019 will be required to comply with this Smart Inverter Phase III Function 5 & 6 functionality, pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Resolution E-4898, and as further clarified by the July 11, 2018 and January 2, 2019, letters from the CPUC.

IMPORTANT: Beginning February 22, 2019, all applicants with inverter-based technologies submitting new interconnection requests under PG&E's Rule 21 tariff will be required to comply with Smart Inverter Phase III Function 5 (Frequency Watt Mode - see Rule 21 Hh.2.l) and 6 (Volt Watt Mode - see Rule 21 Hh.2.m) functionality. The equipment list on this interconnection portal will be updated to only reflect currently compliant inverters, as listed on the California Energy Commission (CEC) website located at If you believe that your inverter should be on this list, please work directly with the CEC to have it added. Applications submitted to replace existing inverters may not be subject to this requirement, consistent with Rule 21 Section H.3.d.ii (unless further guidance is received from the CPUC on replacements.) Please note that PG&E reserves the right to inspect or assess your generating facility to ascertain compliance with these requirements. Non-compliant generating facilities may be removed from net energy metering, approval to operate (PTO) may be revoked, and/or other actions undertaken as necessary to ensure the generating facility is compliant.

Please note NEM2 changes:

  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project less than or equal to 1MW will be required to pay an application processing fee of $145.
  • NEM2 projects that are participating in the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program are exempt from the application processing fee.
  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project over 1MW will be required to pay for all interconnection study costs, including an $800 Interconnection Request fee per Rule 21 Section E.2.c.

After you submit your application, a PG&E representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Please note that you may experience slight delays in our review of your interconnection project due to significant PG&E resources supporting the Camp Fire restoration efforts. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are applying to interconnect a NEW solar or wind generator less than 30 kW, please apply to the Standard NEM online interconnection tool.

Interconnection Portal Guide

PG&E recommends preparing all information and materials before starting the application. If the Interconnection Request is missing information or documents, PG&E will accept the application, but will deem it incomplete and provide a written list of deficiencies to the designated representative provided in your request.

Questions concerning PG&E's Online Application process can be directed to the Electric Generation Interconnection Department at

Rule 21 Distribution Group Study Application Window

In accordance with PG&E's Rule 21 generator interconnection procedures, PG&E will open a Distribution Group Study (DGS) Application Window within the following schedule:

DGS Application Window Schedule
Opening Date Closing Date
DGS Cluster March 01 March 31
September 01 September 31

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